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Welcome to Judy Kanyo's NEW CD, "Not What I Had In Mind"

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1. Not What I Had In Mind
2. Stop The Clock
3. Gone For Good
4. You Wouldn't Lie To An Angel Would ya
5. 100% Pure Texan
6. You Win Some You Learn Some
7. Teardrops Dry
8. Walkin' On The Blue Side
9. West Texas Wind
10. What A Heart Will Do For Love
11. Your Loves Got A Hold On Me
12. I'll Live
13. When Does Getting Over You Get Over
14. Airplane Light
15. Mistletoe, My Cowboy And Me
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Recorded At: Quad Studios, Nashville TN & Heritage Studios, Burlington ON


Musicians: Craig Krampf (Journey Band)-drums, Garry Talent (E Street Band)-bass guitar, Mark Jordan (Van Morrison Band)-piano, Dale Herr-guitar
Music Bed Tracks: Tracks 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14 music composed by Dale Herr (creator of the musical score of The Simpsons, The Bernie Mac Show, The 70's Show and Crooke & Chase) Produced By: Bobby Bradley (award winner for K.D. Lang's "Shadowland"), Doc Holiday and Dale Herr


Musicians: Bob Lucier (Ann Murray's Band)-steel guitar, Shane Cook (world champion fiddler)-fiddle, Steve Ashley-electric guitar & accoustic guitar, Faith McMillan-back up vocals, Alyssa Wright-cello, "Hurricane" Mike Thompson-harmonica, 5 & 8 string lap steel
Recording of Vocals and Over Dubs by: Steve Ashley

Track 5 & 15 Recorded at Music Mentor Studio, Toronto ON and Signature Sound, Stratford ON.
Produced by Peter Linseman and co-produced by Steve Ashley for track 5
Musicians: Don Reid-fiddle, Rob Brown-bass, Wendel Ferguson-guitar, Peter Linseman-accoustic guitar, Steve Ashley-accoustic guitar, Gary Craig-drums, Lorne MacMillian-keyboards, Shelly Buffit-back up vocals on track 15

Photography: "Boots" Kanyo * Artwork concept: Judy Kanyo
Graphics Layout: Robin Hadfield * CD Manufactured by Ditto Disc, www.dittodisc.ca

Bill Hennes
--President/Founder of AllAboutCountry.com

She's done it this time! Wow! Her new CD-NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND is outstanding. From the first track (which is the tile of the CD) to the last, Judy Kanyo puts her "spurs into your ears!" There are some many great songs on this CD...it will launch this fabulous Canadian Country singer into the stratosphere."

Bjarne C Hesselbjerggaard ( BJ THE DJ )
--Country-Action Shows, Denmark

Whether you are a line dancer or just someone who like slow ballads, there is something for you on this album. Whether you are happy or sad there is something for you on this album. If you have experienced a broken heart there is everything for you on this album.

If you want straight forward country or soft country/pop ballads you find it here, and if you want to have party/dance you also find it here.

The title song didn't at first appeal to me as it has a little rap touch to it. But a couple more listens changed my mind totally. This song is a winner and should hit the charts. Other favourites I found on the album is: You wouldn't lie to an angel would ya. When you hear Judy perform it, you don't even feel tempted to tell just a white lie. 100 % Pure Texan is another great and catchy song, which should make any Texan proud. Walking on the blue Side has a little jazzy touch to it, but is very, very nice country. West Texas Wind is another very catchy song and will get you on the dance floor Airplane Light is a nice little tune about love, nicely sung in the cute way Judy is so good at. You also find a bonus song, Mistletoe my cowboy and Me. An Xmas song and a real toe-tapper. you almost feel tempted to play even in the middle of a heat wave.

Conclusion: This album is CUTE. It definitely proves that you don't need to go to USA to have an album done. Judy's talent combined with top musicians and producers shows that Canada absolutely is on a top level

When you put the CD in your player, I'm sure you will both agree and disagree with me on my favourite songs. You will most likely find one that is made for exactly you.

I wish you happy listening

Everett Corbin
--Former editor of Music City News magazine

Judy Kanyo Comes Forward in A Big Way on Her New Cd As She Tackles A Variety of Songs with Singing Prowess

Although this young lady comes from "north of the border," up in Canada, here on her new cd she seemingly heads out west with hints of western swing, in the 100 Percent PURE TEXAN outing, offering the suggestion that she really got an eye full of this guy who registered well on her brain.

That's song No.5 on the list of titles, but just before that, at No. 4, was an angelic theme, a song written by noted composer Paul Overstreet, in questioning:


And this angel comes from below, and not up above, but that still makes no difference in her mind.

But with power in her voice as she tackles each and every song, Judy makes you a believer in the stories that lie behind the presentation.

It's truly hard to cite a favorite in the first hearing of a song, but it is assured that Judy has here a list of songs which could make many a hit parade. How high that song goes of course depends on promotion, coupled with that voice that Dusty Owens, owner of TCM Radio internet station in Florida, found both traditional and pop-oriented at the same time.

Lisa Brokop, also a well-known songwriter, is credited with writing a favorite on this cd, namely: STOP THE CLOCK; but one quite to my liking was GONE FOR GOOD, an uptempo thing pleasing to the ears, if not to the mind.

Can't guess at the title of the cd: NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND, but that, too, was a good opening number worth listening too more than a few times.

And so it goes: one good song after the other, done up in grand fashion by a lady of supberb song styling.

But in focusing on the songs and music, we must give credit to the band (musicians) for some excellent backup.

Then, too, the art concept for the project was of Judy's own making and design, with some fine photos of this beauty queen thrown in for good measure, too.One excellent photo is of her at the Ryman Auditorium.

And , finally, we would be amiss if we didn't state the fact that the actual recording effort was accomplished not only in Canada (Heritage Studios, Burlington, Ont.), but also at Quad Studios in Nashville.

A final "note": Judy once told me that although she was singing "better than ever," she at that time was truly trying to "forge ahead," after getting some bad readings here and there. In other words, a few people had let her down, and not to softly. But in this new cd, perhaps we can say that she has been "lifted up"...with an eye to true success this time around, although at times in the past having made some significant charts, as with her own song: MISTLETOE, MY COWBOY and ME

Jimmy Stix
--WHVW 950AM, WHIM 1450 & WWSM 1510 Country Music

Howdy Judy!

I reviewed your newest CD and it's great! The quality of this CD is engineered very well with your voice, and you have a product that will please every country fan out there!

Anyone listening to this CD well be glad they purchased it! I recommend this CD to anyone reviewing my review! I truly stake my reputation on my professional judgement on the great sound ........ pure country it is!

Judy! Keep sending this CD to every radio station that calls themselves "COUNTRY" and I bet many of them will play it.......... it might cost you some money to do that......... but, like me......... I play it, and will continue often!




Ed Salamon
--Executive Director, Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. Nashville, TN

Hi Judy,
Thanks for sending Not What I Had In Mind.

My favorite track is Teardrops Dry.
I think the most commercial track is Airplane Lights.
Ed Salamon

Bill Bodell
--DJ, Foxton New Zealand

Dear Judy,

thanks so much for sending me your new CD..."Not What I Had In Mind"....It arrived this morning and I have had it going in the player all day. It is a real credit to you, the band and the Studio as It is such a wonderfully engineered CD and is one of the best sounds I have heard for some time. It is great the way your voice & harmonies sit and the way the instrumental licks come and go as required...."Goodonya Gal", ya really nailed it this time. Judy, I'll let you know which tracks I like the best after I have listened to it over the next few days...take care and thanks again for sharing your wonderful music with me.

Cheers & lotsa luv,
Billy the Kid.

Pete Lenloy
--Music journalist; Vienna, Austria

Dear Judy Kanyo!

I`m spinnin`"Gone for good" by HILLCREST #37 and audience response is excellent. So I will ask for your material and more of your music, for my daily radio work! Thanks in advence and all the best. Pete L.

Pete Smith
--"The Advertiser" - UK

Judy Kanyo is a relatively new talent from Canada. She began her career late in 2004 appearing before an audience of 2000 as she opened for the award winning GOOD BROTHERS at the Lions Club 50th Anniversary Car Draw in Bradford Ontario. Since then Judy has performed at a number of prestigious festivals, fairs and venues throughout Canada, the USA, Japan and New Zealand. Apart from playing her regular professional gigs Judy devotes much time to performing at charity events and has helped raise thousands of dollars for worthy causes. Judy's first single, " It Must Be Rain” was released in late 2005 and though airplay was limited it reached a creditable number 81 on the Canadian “Country Music News” chart. The song was also selected for play on the in-flight entertainment for all of Air Canada's Fleet for the month of May 2006. With airplay growing stronger throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and Australasia, Judy Kanyo is set to become a major star in country music. Listening to Judy’s newest album, “Not What I Had In Mind”, with its fifteen tracks, one can easily see why Judy is becoming a firm favourite wherever she is heard. She has a wonderful voice which she uses in a cross-genre approach to country encompassing heart ballads, blues, swing, two step and a little honky tonk. The album offers so much for both the listener and the dancer with numbers like “Stop The Clock”, “You Wouldn’t Lie To An Angel”, “Teardrops Dry”, “West Texas Wind” and Judy’s own “Mistletoe, My Cowboy and Me”, which was nominated by the EMCA as “Song of the Year 2006”.

Bjarne C Hesselbjerggaard ( BJ THE DJ )
--Country-Action Shows, Denmark

"Best of Texas Award 1999 & 2000" - ”Golden Music Award 2000” Playlist Country-Action Show Country-Action Show is syndicated on: Radio Sindal, FCMR, Radio Tøsen, Radio K, Radio Humleborg, Radio Aktiv, Radio Sydvest, Radio Djursland, Radio Amager, Radio Randers, Frederik 7. Kanal, Radio DNR, Radio Øst, Radio Globus Guld, Radio Rønde, Radio Kattegat, Radio 1049, Radio Halsnæs Radio Jet FM in DENMARK

Album of the Month: Anthology by: Gail Davies
Single of the month: Gone for Good by: Judy Kanyo

Date: August 3rd 2007:

1 Peter Borup Big foot Bop 1,47 IBO MD
2 Hal Willis Marie 3.00 WHP 4
3 David Cline I’m all In 2.39 WHP 5
4 Perley Curtis Skinny dipping with Paris Hilton 2.28 WHP 6
5 Tim Chesney Johnny’s Afraid 3.32 WHP 7
6 Cerrito They know you’re Gone 3.38 WHP 10
7 Judy Kanyo Gone for Good 3.02 Hillcrest 5 *****
8 Gail Davies Someone is looking for someone - 3.16 Own 1
9 Gail Davies Bucket to the South 2.48 Own 6
10 Lisa O’Kane Ain’t done Nothi’ 3.41 NLE 1

European CMA

Artist: Judy Kanyo- Album: Not What I had In Mind - Label: JK - Country

Value: 8.5 about 10 - Contact: www.judykanyo.com

It's a pleasure for me to review the last Judy's album. Seems to me that finally she has found her way, her sound, her true style in country music. I think she has done it right this time. She's been under other's reigns in the past that haven't found the real Judy or their music. I have found areal, natural, wonderful sound, singing better than ever. Nice selection of songs, good band, excellent harmonies. This is the real Judy, no one better than her.

Rudy (Free Country Eagle)

Dear Judy, Thank you very much for your excellent cd.As I write this email, I listen to your cd and I'm astonished so beautiful and pure your voice is. I will compare you with Kelly Pickler, Lisa Brokop, Reba McEntire, Miranda Lambert so good you are. I will play your numbers next week Sunday in my programm. . I hope you will visit our contry and will give a concert here in The Netherlands. When I see your photographs you're a beautiful and nice lady. A cowgirl with her heart on the right place. I hope we can stay in touch by email because I like't to hold contact with the artist who appreciate the work we do as volunteers by local radio stations. My objective at our local station Terneuzen Fm is to promote artist like you and I do everything for such artists. If you like you can visit our website www.terneuzenfm.nl . I'm very pleased to know you dear Judy and I've your address so I can send you a nice Christmascard too. I hope to hear from you soon.

with many country greetings and a big hug
The Free Country Eagle

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